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  Re: Interior Brick Scene WIP  
From: 19100
Date: 29 Feb 2024 12:05:00
Message: <web.65e0b87e5ee5eae0b0f69187edfc8715@news.povray.org>
"Chris R" <car### [at] comcastnet> wrote:
> "Chris R" <car### [at] comcastnet> wrote:
> > This is a WIP that I'm calling "Reservations...".
> >
> > Only moderate anti-aliasing and no radiosity or photons enabled yet; still an 11
> > hour render, which isn't bad given there are a lot of light sources in the
> > scene.
> >
> > The napkins need a lot of work yet; they look like pipe insulation rather than
> > cloth right now.  A few more scene elements are yet to be added and the
> > silverware models need to be cleaned up.
> >
> > -- Chris R
> Here's an update on progress on the scene with a low-res (640x480) rendering.
> I changed the viewpoint to be closer to the main table.  I'm hoping it will make
> the ring in the glass more visible, especially at higher resolutions.  I may do
> other renderings zoomed out a bit to show the other tables too, but this is the
> main one.
> The framed posters on the wall break up the solid bricks.  I will probably add a
> bar to hang them from.  Right now they assume direct attachment to the bricks.
> There are more elements to the table and I updated the napkins quite a bit.  I
> also took suggestions about the silverware into account and remodeled them.  The
> champagne flutes are slightly wider, after measuring my own glasses more
> accurately.
> Still to do:
> - The rail for hanging the posters on the wall
> - Update to the brick size; they are currently US Closure Modular size, which
> accounts for their chunkiness.  I am going to try just US modular instead.
> - Water glasses for the table and put the glasses in the proper place
> - Possibly change the narrative and put a "Dear John" note on the plate that the
> waiter would have delivered from the cowardly partner.
> - Spilled champagne needs bubbles and some surface texture work.  I had removed
> reflection from the champagne inside the glass as it was problematic and didn't
> help the image, but it needs to be there on the table.
> - Menus?
> - Photons
> - Radiosity
> Anything else?
> -- Chris R

Some nice improvements there, the posters are an excellent addition! My only
thoughts are that the champagne spill looks too opaque and the camera angle may
be a bit steep in that it's obscuring some of your modelling work.

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