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  Re: A combined cell pattern  
From: And
Date: 23 Jan 2024 02:10:00
Message: <web.65af656a60c048b3e7e1a75aa81652d@news.povray.org>
William F Pokorny <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> On 1/18/24 07:48, And wrote:
> > My question is: Does POV-Ray have another version of voronoi pattern to use? I
> > said "Worley noise"
> > As a function?
> First, thanks for the break down of how what you've done works.
> On the Worley noise... The answer given has been that it can be
> duplicated with some set up of our crackle pattern, but I confess I've
> never looked closely enough to know if this is exactly so. Let me see if
> I can turn up references... Yes.
> Ingo mentions the worley capability in the first post of this thread
> (and I'd guess from the whole thread blob based potential pattern of
> v3.8 might be able to emulate it too):
> Another thread from 2017:
> Having glanced at those threads wondering if yuqk's updated ripples and
> waves patterns might be a partial path too.
> But again, I've never really looked at what others are calling Worley
> noise. Often with things like this there is sort of a base concept with
> lots of tuning / customization capability piled on top. What one person
> 'calls' Worley noise might not be quite what someone else 'calls' Worley
> noise.
> Aside: The craters discussion happening now in another thread reminded
> me that a long time ago I created an craters image based on crackle
> where I might have, more or less, stumbled upon a near 'worley' set up.
> Unfortunately, searches just now failed to turn up the work. Piles and
> piles of of half backed projects from days gone by... :-)
> Ah, I'd guess this link might help too when looking at crackle's form
> vector:
> https://www.imagico.de/pov/cr_form_en.php
> especially maybe the javascript link on that page.
> Bill P.

Yes, you are right! It is just function {pattern {crackle form <1,0,0>}}

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