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28 Nov 2023 17:34:12 EST (-0500)
  Re: Gothic cathedral window generator  
From: And
Date: 15 Nov 2023 06:45:00
Message: <web.6554ae3137209b7f19234387aa81652d@news.povray.org>
"Samuel B." <stb### [at] hotmailcom> wrote:
> Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
> > Op 18-7-2023 om 02:27 schreef Samuel B.:
> > > [...] It's a generic gothic/medieval window macro. [...]
> >
> > Aaah! I love this! Can it do the typically English 4-centered arch? I
> > have been trying to write a macro lately but did not get very far.
> >
> > --
> > Thomas
> Well, you got me interested in the 4-centered arch. I found the following video
> that explains how to make the underlying shape using a compass and straightedge:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgyYXKgs8gw
> Basically, you start with the smallest circle's position and radius, and
> eventually find the center of the 'X'. Then you use that to make a second
> circle. As it turns out, the curved portion is made from just two perfect circle
> segments.
> I hope to get a proper object macro going soon. Not sure what the final geometry
> will be, since there are smooth arches, chamfered and/or filleted arches,
> bricked arches, stepped arches... and any combination of those and beyond...
> Sam

I admire your ability of geometry composition.
The image looks comfortable, too.

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