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From: Bald Eagle
Date: 27 Oct 2023 13:35:00
Message: <web.653bf3d2afcbb1dd1f9dae3025979125@news.povray.org>
Very nice - and based on your past renders, I'm sure you'll be making some
really nice improvements and subsequent storyboard frames.

I also like your choice of inspirations - all excellent sorce material.

Out of everything in the render, the chain looks the best in terms of texture.

You might try flattening the texture on the bars - since they're likely to be
dusty/rusty and not shiny, and maybe go for a darker shaed of gray instead of
silver, or almost black, as most hot-rolled things will have mill scale.

The pedestal and window frame have a great attention to detail - since the
dripping will carry material down with it to produce the staining pattern.  I
would extend that idea to the window bars, the robot, and the floor grate bars -
the bars would likely be rusted more at the bottom due to shielding from the
upper stone, and the direction of accumulation of condensation.   You're also
likely going to have a blackening effect there as well.   The rusting pattern
would likely be reversed on the robot - more rust on the bottom, not the top.
Also less shiny.  And maybe turn the face ever so slightly more toward the

Then you can have a larger transformation if he gets up and moves and loses some
of the corrosion.

Not sure about the floor - is it wet?  Not wet?
Also, the wall texture could use a bit more "definition" and dirtying - it is a
prison cell after all.  Maybe more mottled patterning, more dirt near the floor,
and just a greater visual distinction between the high and low spots - the low
spots tend to accumulated dirt, and the high spots tend to get abraded clean.
You can likely do that very cheaply by intersecting a very thin box or triangles
with a very dark and highly transparent pigment with the walls - assuming the
high spots are actually geometrically high spots...

I'd also maybe raise the cam or drop the light to give a better sense of where
that light is coming from.

This looks like a fun start, and has a touch of that Wallace and Grommit feel!

- BW

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