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  Re: Playing with the mesh camera  
From: Kenneth
Date: 19 May 2023 11:45:00
Message: <web.64679558df2a87159b4924336e066e29@news.povray.org>
Josh English <Jos### [at] joshuarenglishcom> wrote:

> >
> I've been trying to build up a tutorial on some special effects. I've
> managed a somewhat decent motion blur and focal blur, and a "portal"
> effect where one part of the image is in a different space than the rest.

The more I play with the meshcam demo scenes, the more fascinating it all gets!

I'm still working on the stereo red/cyan anaglyph idea (and its problems, ha),
but meanwhile, here are some of my own motion-blur experiments. I used the
'meshcam_persp_demo' file, with aa_samples=40.

In that code-- in the mesh-camera's #while loop-- I simply changed
            #declare c_look_at_tmp=...
            #declare c_look_at_tmp=c_look_at;

 then following that:
            translate .008*i_samples*x // (or any x,y,z combination!)
            // and/or...
            rotate .8*i_samples*z

This works because the camera mesh, as first constructed in
'meshcam_macros.inc', is apparently made facing +z and is centered on the origin
(well, it's a bit more complicated than that.) So any translations or rotations
here come *before* the mesh(es) are re-positioned and re-oriented by the
'meshcam_placement(...)' macro. Simple! But it took me quite awhile to
understand how the mesh camera and its mesh work together, in the various

BTW, only one triangle mesh is actually constructed; all of the others used in
the meshcam camera are just copies.

I'll follow up with some more notes and images of my stereogram tests and
instantiated meshes...

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