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  Re: Wood grain  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 1 May 2023 13:25:00
Message: <web.644ff5b76808bc771f9dae3025979125@news.povray.org>
"Chris R" <car### [at] comcastnet> wrote:

> Thanks, I will look into this.  I should probably make it a habit to just search
> the newsgroups for your posts before I start writing code.  :-)

:D  tbh, I do the same thing a lot.
Heck, I even wind up rewriting a lot of my own code.

It _IS_ a good thing when people make their own attempts, since they might solve
things that I got wrong or others thought "impossible".  "I didn't know I
couldn't do that - - - so I just did it."

Also, you might wind up doing the same thing but approaching the end goal in a
different way, which might lead to improvements in speed / efficiency /

I generally find that the difficult part is not acquiring the pallette of colors
to interpolate with the color_map, but doing it in such a way that it winds up
resembling what I'm trying to model with a procedural pattern.

If you look into optical illusions, it becomes immediately apparent that the
actual color value employed matters far less than the visual context that your
brain interprets it in.

And that's where things get challenging, and it becomes more art and less math,
science, and engineering.

I DO particularly like the suggestion to use layered textures with filter - some
sort of commercial algorithm to make laminated faux woodgrain would be a great
basis for a realistic wood texture.

- BW

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