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From: Leroy
Date: 20 Apr 2023 19:30:00
Message: <web.6441c960d981b0ad4df6b67f712fc00@news.povray.org>
"Mike Miller" <mil### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> Thank you for sharing. I've pulled it down and will get back with you
> soon....I'm suck in the minutia of my current scene.
> Mike

Sorry, I forgot to give you the key to how angles are saved ande read.
 Here it is.

#fopen Mfile Bos read // body
#read (Mfile Reff1)                          "angle limits"
#read (Mfile LlegHA1)  // right Higher leg -40<x<130 -5<z<80
#read (Mfile LlegLA1)  // right lower leg  0< x< -151
#read (Mfile LFootHA1) // right higher Foot -40<x<20 -40<y<15
#read (Mfile LToesA1)  // right toes
 #read (Mfile LharmA1) // right High arm
 #read (Mfile LlarmA1) // right lower arm   0<x< 150
 #read (Mfile LhandA1) // right hand -40<x<20 y<+-90 -90<z<30
#read (Mfile HeadA1)   // head  x<+-30 y<+-60 z<+-40
#read (Mfile NeckA1)   // Neck  same limits as head
#read (Mfile BodA1)    // body -110<x<30 y<+-30 z<+-10
#read (Mfile ButtA1)   // butt -30<x<110 y<+-30 z<+-10
#read (Mfile RlegHA1)  // left Higher leg -40<x<130 -80<z<5
#read (Mfile RlegLA1)  // left lower leg 0<x<-150
#read (Mfile RFootHA1) // left higher Foot -40<x<20 -15<y<40
#read (Mfile RToesA1)  // left toes  0<x<90
 #read (Mfile RharmA1) // Left High arm Pattern
 #read (Mfile RlarmA1) // left lower arm  0<x< -150
 #read (Mfile RhandA1) // left hand -40<x<20 y<+-90 -30<z<90
#read (Mfile Bline1)   // free vector

Have fun.

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