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  Re: Abstract landscape rendering 3  
From: Pekka Aho
Date: 11 Mar 2023 05:50:00
Message: <web.640c5c7cb7a8ee2cc800eadc47dba873@news.povray.org>
"s.day" <s.d### [at] uelacuk> wrote:
> I have to say you are the reason I picked up Povray from PC Format magazine in
> 1993 so glad to see you are back and a big thank you for the inspiration.

Now that you mentioned, I think that could perhaps be the same source for me
too. Back in '93 a family friend gave me an issue of some PC magazine that he
had picked up on a trip to UK, and I remember it had a cover disk with POV on
it. I doubt I have the original disk or even the magazine still left anywhere,
but I just did some googling and discovered that at least March '93 issue of PC
Format had POV on the cover disk, yet I don't recall that particular mag cover
myself. It could have been some other one as well ofc, as computer magazines
were plenty back in the day. But in any case, it was POV 2.0 that I started
with, and my first renderings are from December '93. Not long ago I discovered a
collection of my old 3,5" disks while visiting my childhood home and found old
..pov files on those. Too bad there were no original renderings in .tga format on
any of those. Unless those couple of suspicious looking LHA and ARJ packages
that I didn't extract yet could have something in them. :D

"Mike Miller" <mil### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> Thanks. Attached is an old test rendering of the fish form prior to image
> mapping the texture.

I remember this fish too! It surely blew my mind back then and I still think
it's cool! I remember in those times I couldn't for the love of me figure out
how that fish was made. :D

These latest blobs/abstracts are indeed incredible! Cheers! :)

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