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  Re: External Voronoi... now with grid-based points  
From: Bill Pragnell
Date: 18 Dec 2022 13:15:00
Message: <web.639f57921ea7270fb96893c06f35e431@news.povray.org>
Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
> One little point of attention, if you forgive me to "criticise"; the
> 'cracks' appear to have about the same width everywhere and somehow that
> rattles a bit. Would it be possible to vary those a tiny little bit
> randomly through the object?

Absolutely! This was on my to-do list. The cells are made by intersecting planes
around each seed point, and the gaps are achieved by simply offsetting the
planes for each cell slightly when they are made.

The first image uses a constant offset. Here's one with a bit of random thrown
in (and only 1000 cells).

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