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27 Mar 2023 02:12:57 EDT (-0400)
  Re: New WIP  
From: Chris R
Date: 18 Jun 2022 07:55:00
Message: <web.62adbc63ba1cac86b0d648f25cc1b6e@news.povray.org>
Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
> Op 18/06/2022 om 04:47 schreef Chris R:
> > "Chris R" <car### [at] comcastnet> wrote:
> >> I went back and did some more work generalizing the code I use to create brick
> >> walls, and some new code I wrote to create concrete sidewalks.  The new code
> >> includes the ability to create American and English spanning layouts for bricks,
> >> but still uses isosurfaces with brick pigment functions.
> >>
> >> The tufts of grass are generated using parts of the makegrass.inc macros from
> >> Gilles Tran.
> >>
> Good work, especially for the bricks. Something I like less are
> fractures through the concrete. Those need to be "smoother" in their
> "irregularity" if you understand what I mean. :-)
> --
> Thomas
Thanks.  The early versions of the fractures were too smooth, and I probably
went a bit overboard.  I'll play with dialing it back.

-- Chris R.

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