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  Re: An attempt at a viking ship  
From: Mr
Date: 1 Jun 2022 10:15:00
Message: <web.6297724f1abf44f516086ed06830a892@news.povray.org>
mirglindin <mir### [at] gmailcom> wrote:
> Mr wrote:
> > mirglindin <mir### [at] yandexru> wrote:
> >> Hello, everyone (first post here, BTW).
> >>
> >> Wanted to make a wallpaper and here I am.
> >>
> >> Obviously a bit noobish, but at least I've learned to write macros to
> >> generate meshes.
> >
> > That's a really great start !
> >
> > The day mist sky is indeed more original and less obviously fractal, more subtly
> > nuanced, though bringing to it some of the light dynamics of the other picture
> > would bring it also more poetry  : the sky could still be as desaturated and
> > misty but brighter to bring more contrast and reflection on the water material
> > that looks really good.
> >
> > Do you want more remarks for improvements...? or rather feel like you want to
> > move on to another images instead ? (it's already quite nice but such good
> > potential can always expand ;-) )
> >
> >
> Thank you, the former is very welcome - though there have been some
> changes, in particular, ahem, I've finally added a light source (it was
> all just sky and radiosity before). Looks a bit unbalanced now, I think
> I'll fix that somewhere closer to Saturday before posting again. =\

* If you add a lamp, then it could stay cheap if a direct light or even a
spotlight without any soft shadows to emulate the sun and still render not too
much slower.

* The boat's sail should be smooth shaded (normals not per face but per vertex)

* the boat is missing some geometries at the extremities to not look unfinished.

* It also shows some moire pattern that currently looks accidental. If it is
not, maybe changing it's texture scale might solve that?

*No matter which if any improvement you would give to the boat, I think the
image would turn out a little more dramatic with the boat pulled slightly
further away from camera.

* To make it more pleasing, especially in a misty scene, you could use
atmosphere media with Rayleigh scattering at root level of the scene, and place
that light inside field of view, but close to the edge, and direct it's beam
towards exact camera location. Putting a lighter hue at the horizon than Zenith
which can be set quite dark. still none saturated if you want to keep your mood.
For tint instance, my Overcast Sky preset in POV@ble, uses  RGB 0.477,0.536,
0.604 for Horizon and 0.034, 0.043, 0.047 for Zenith... multiplying intensity
value to your liking and depending on media and light setting.

That's all so far :-)

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