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  Re: using 'object pattern' as media  
From: Kenneth
Date: 29 Apr 2022 12:35:00
Message: <web.626c0f28ac9c0ae18d86850a6e066e29@news.povray.org>
Here is another example, using a different and more complex set-up of the code--
with 'solid' high-density emission + absorption medias rather than scattering.

This one uses the object pattern as a 'pigment' (not a density)-- with some
'Bunny artwork' as the main pigment there. Some image-to-functions-to-pigment
operations were required for its final use in the media, mainly because I used
the 'once' keyword for the artwork image_map.

For the art, I found a photo on Google that looked *somewhat* like the pose of
the Stanford Bunny, then used my paint.net app to clone and shift various parts
around so that the image covered the model as projected from the front. Even
though the art is just a 2-D image_map, it projects through the entire media, so
its colors are 'in depth' throughout the Bunny. Then I added a fake shadow under
the model :-)

BTW, the Stanford Bunny mesh2 model is not quite a closed mesh-- it has some
holes on its bottom surface-- so I simply made an intersection of it with a
larger and well-placed box object, which solidified those holes. Interestingly,
this also eliminated the need for the model to have an inside_vector (for the
media appearance.)

I made several animations of this example which I will post at
binaries.animation; they rendered *much* faster than my aborted scattering-media
version, in about 1/10 the time (but with no lighting interaction of course).

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