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  New brick wall project (WIP)  
From: Chris R
Date: 19 Apr 2022 16:10:00
Message: <web.625f16ddd039815b56e3a6f55cc1b6e@news.povray.org>
I'm starting a new project with an exterior brick wall, using code I developed
for a previous interior brick wall project that I posted here a while ago.  This
time, I wanted to try applying some graffiti to the wall and have been playing
around with some methods.

This one worked particularly well, (IMHO).  As of now, the material for the wall
consists of 5 layers:

1.  A brick pattern method that I borrowed for the basic variant brick colors.
2.  A bozo layer to add some soot to the wall, in general
3.  A gradient layer to add some thick dirt to the bottom of the wall, (not
visible in the attached image)
4.  An object-pattern layer using a cylinder to put the red "circle" in the
5.  An object-pattern layer using text to put the R.I.P. text on the wall.

Since these are done as texture layers, the rough texture of the brick shape
applies to everything, which is nice.  For the two object-pattern layers, I
added some warp { turbulence } to each so they edges would look irregular, like
they were spray-painted free-hand, and a fairly large omega to spread thinly.

I'm assuming if I needed the graffiti to have a different finish, as if it were
newly applied and still had a sheen to it, I would have to make an even more
complicated nested set of object-pattern textures instead.

-- Chris R.

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