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  Sailing ship Balclutha  
From: Ton
Date: 29 Mar 2022 05:05:00
Message: <web.6242cb0b1ff1cfb3ad1330e67597fb06@news.povray.org>
After a long hot summer, with the nights getting longer, and the days getting
colder, it is time to start a new project. Maybe I'm overreaching myself, but
the bar has to be higher every time.
I decided to do the Balclutha, a steel-hulled, full-rigged ship, built in
Glasgow in 1886.
She is now a museum ship in San Fransisco.
The Library Of Congress website has detailed plans and photos of this ship, so I
have all the information to model this ship. Here is the start:

I've modeled one side of the hull, in Blender, exported the .obj-file, and
created a mesh2-file.


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