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  Re: adding a 'normal' to a camera-- some notes  
From: Kenneth
Date: 8 Jan 2022 15:15:00
Message: <web.61d9f068ac36aa6b4cef624e6e066e29@news.povray.org>
"Mr" <m******r******at_hotmail_dot_fr> wrote:
> If this was to be added to that section of the docs (by some superior authority
> than me), how would you rephrase all of this in the most concise simplified
> caveat warning apposition to fit in ? maybe something like :
> "All camera rays will be perturbed using this one-unit sized pattern. "
> ?

Maybe something like this (or to add to your statement)?

"When used in a camera, the normal pattern will be distorted horizontally,
depending on your render's aspect ratio. To correct for this, an inverse-scaling
of the normal is required in x. For example:
scale <image_height/image_width, 1  1>"

[Thanks, Thomas]

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