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  Re: Stone with Veins  
From: Dave Blandston
Date: 31 Dec 2021 00:50:00
Message: <web.61ce98d1c205c2d42636f1af607c1b34@news.povray.org>
Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
> I took my Granite_21 array for Dakota Red and extracted colour pairs. I
> also changed the reflection block because I guess the original
> reflection is way too strong. I used the reflection as given in

You would be shocked at what a mess I've made of the lighting and texturing in
the scene that this came from so yes the finish would need a lot of fixing. I've
always had trouble with that part of POV-Ray...

> I used 10 layers and scaled the final texture on the object. I could
> also have used much more layers (e.g. 100) and scale the texture
> somewhat less, with a similar result but a bit more confused imo.

Ten layers is much more reasonable than a hundred and your excellent results
prove it. I admit that a hundred layers is a bit of overkill. (Sometimes I tend
to be a bit of a perfectionist. I don't quite have OCD, but I do have CDO which
is similar, but with the letters in alphabetical order like they're supposed to

I've been using this sample image as a Granite_21 reference point:
This one represents near perfection in my opinion (the color samples I used came
from that picture, by the way). But I agree, both methods produce great results
and I'm more excited than ever regarding Granite_21. Thanks for sharing your
preliminary results!

Kind regards,
Dave Blandston

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