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From: Mediat
Date: 20 Oct 2021 14:30:00
Message: <web.61705ff96f92e856e3310c05020ebe1@news.povray.org>
Hi Bald Eagle,

> let me ask:  If you can do a sea urchin, can you
> do/approximate polyhedra, a golf ball, basketball, Buckyball, the cervesa bug,
> and other surface-of-a-sphere objects?

It would need two domes to make a sphere, for the golf ball I'm sure it would be
possible, but certainly too regular, for the others I doubt it  (I don't know
what is the cervesa bug, I search the internet but didn't find anything that
looks like a sphere.

The main idea in this program is to define the equation of the equator, and the
equation of the Greenwich meridian, and the apply some modifications (so for the
basketball I think it's possible, but for the buckyball certainly not.

> btw, your urchin would make a really nice crystal growth or inclusion if the
> proper lighting and texture were applied.

I didn't expect to get the sea urchin, so the image I posted is just my test
rendering, that I made to check a new feature.

Best regards


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