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  One more fractal-based effort  
From: The Traveler
Date: 2 Oct 2021 16:30:00
Message: <web.6158c0386abe14a9dd31149be3dfee7c@news.povray.org>
Howdy folks.
Well, got one more image done based on a generated fractal. This is a smaller
sub-section of a larger and more complex Xenodreambuie fractal. Created in
Mandelbulber, I used a bounding box feature in that program to "cut-out" a
particular view I wanted using a bounding box and setting its coordinates and
size. Exported as a .ply, converted to .stl in MeshLab and converted to a mesh2
...inc file with Roland Smith's stl2pov script. The level of detail is controlled
by Mandelbulber in the initial export process. There was very little, if any,
loss of detail in the conversion to .inc. The image uses a simple 5x5 area_light
(White), textred with T_Grnt25 scaled 0.5 and a Gray50 background.

I intend to use these fractal-generated objects as a part of a larger project
I'm involved with. More on that when the time comes ...


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