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  A second high higher poly render  
From: The Traveler
Date: 1 Oct 2021 08:45:00
Message: <web.615700b892fb6409dd31149be3dfee7c@news.povray.org>
Howdy all, one more rendering using the technique I've described previously

This was a test to push the limits a bit further. The fractal is known as a 4D
Xenodreambuie.The .stl file when converted to a mesh2 .inc is 1.9G in
size. I don't know how many polys as it was late and went to bed. I estimate it
took just over an hour to load the data.

I observed using htop process viewer that Povray, at least in v3.7, uses only a
single core to read and write files. In a 6 core i5 processor only core 6 was at


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