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  Re: Moving indoors  
From: Chris R
Date: 16 Aug 2021 13:00:00
Message: <web.611a98ba7919aade6fb991d75cc1b6e@news.povray.org>
"Chris R" <car### [at] comcastnet> wrote:
> For a change of pace, I started playing with an indoor scene.  I couldn't help
> myself, however, and included a window that looks out to a sunset sky.
> The scene is a low view of a pool-table near the window of a pool hall, looking
> out across the street to a hardware store.  I used the brick and wood tools I
> had developed earlier and discussed here in a previous post for the interior
> walls of the pool hall and the exterior wall of the hardware store.
> The pool table is a bit too shiny, but I like the reflection of the store across
> the street.  I will share another view from a higher vantage point that shows
> the asphalt road, complete with a crack that I spent way too much time on.
> The ceiling of the pool hall is covered with can lights.  I originally had each
> one of them be a fading light source, but since there are so many it took
> forever to render with little effect on the scene.  Instead, they are now just
> emitting light, and a few of them near the viewpoint are actual light sources,
> as is the pool-table light above the table.
> I'd like to put an awning over the hardware store, but have to play around with
> cloth first.  I also want to put a neon sign on the pool hall that is partially
> visible through the window.  I'm sure that will add another few hours of
> reflection rendering.
> -- Chris R
Here is the outdoor view that includes the street.  I haven't done much to make
the sidewalks more realistic yet, and this was rendered before updating all of
the reflections to use fresnel, so it suffers from the same issues noted by
others on the first image.

-- Chris R

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