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  Re: An experiment in monochrome  
From: Bald Eagle
Date: 10 Jun 2021 14:30:00
Message: <web.60c2599b23b82ed51f9dae3025979125@news.povray.org>
"m@b" <sai### [at] googlemailcom> wrote:

> But I would need some primitives to put the pattern on?

Of course.  A thin box or the union of 2 triangles works well.  A plane if you
just want to have the largest possible palette.

But the idea is that you have a lot of stuff going on after you "extract" the
colors.  Rather than do that, you use the color values directly to select a
pigment, by using a pigment_map.

I am curious about
#declare GreyTest = 0.001 + abs(TestK(X,Y,0) -
abs((TestR(X,Y,0) + TestG(X,Y,0) - TestB(X,Y,0))));

What is the underlying logic/reasoning behind this "greyness test"?

> > there are edge-finding algorithms that give you the gradient of the image as a
> > bonus.
> Hmm - I need to think about these things. Interesting suggestions.

skip to 3:30 if you want.

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