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  Re: Glow lights 2(~40K) - glowlits.jpeg (1/1)  
From: Chris Huff
Date: 21 Nov 2000 06:52:44
Message: <chrishuff-D90D60.06530721112000@news.povray.org>
In article <3a1a589d@news.povray.org>, "Gail Shaw" 
<gsh### [at] monotixcoza> wrote:

> > It is a development version of MegaPOVPlus,
> Based on 0.6a?


> >with a convert_color()
> > function, an updated glow patch, and a few other things.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> You gonna give us any hints?

This is what I've done so far:
Added "curves" post_process filter, lets you adjust the color channels 
of the output image with splines.

Added convert_color(COLOR, FROM, TO), for converting between various 
color spaces(RGB, HSV, HSL, XYZ, XY-Y, YIQ).

Added grayscale(), returns the grayscale value of a color.

Added "threshold" to adjust adaptive threshold in area lights.

Fixed some bugs in spline, added SPLINE_IDENT(T, TYPE) syntax.

Fixed problems with stars post_process filter, it now adds to the 
background instead of replacing it.

Fixed some glow bugs("size" should work properly now). I am working on 
getting glows attached to objects to work right.

Christopher James Huff
Personal: chr### [at] maccom, http://homepage.mac.com/chrishuff/
TAG: chr### [at] tagpovrayorg, http://tag.povray.org/


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