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  Re: Bocce - WIP  
From: kurtz le pirate
Date: 25 Jun 2024 12:38:51
Message: <667af29b$1@news.povray.org>
On 24/06/2024 23:09, Chris R wrote:
> If anyone is interested, you can find my "libisoshapes.inc" file that includes
> implementations of most of the code from the Quilez article at
> https://github.com/carath63/povlibrary

Very good job Chris.
I love the way you create functions in "libfn.inc".
I'd never have thought of untilizing a function for rotations.

Still on the Inigo Quilez website, there's a page on colors pallets

I had implemented his method for making color_maps.
The code is attached.

If you want to add it to your libraries.

Kurtz le pirate
Compagnie de la Banquise

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