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Date: 19 Apr 2024 10:12:36
Message: <66227bd4$1@news.povray.org>
On 4/19/2024 5:38 AM, kurtz le pirate wrote:
> Hello,
> I haven't posted here for a while. I've just "finished" a first attempt
> at curving patterns. Here's what it looks like on a plane, a cylinder
> and a sphere for the T-pattern.
> I'm also wondering if i shouldn't find a slightly more homogeneous
> paving on the sphere. The pattern seems far too distorted in latitude.
> I cheated a bit with the sphere because I don't know (yet) how to treat
> the poles.
> Your feedback is welcome.
Are these just CSG objects with your own texture mapping using tiling 
patterns, or are you using isosurfaces with the tiles defining the surface?

They are pretty cool looking already.  I'd like to see how you do it, as 
I'm constantly looking for interesting surface texture perturbations to 
steal (I mean borrow) :-)

-- Chris R

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