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  Re: Floating - WIP  
Date: 13 Apr 2024 15:07:09
Message: <661ad7dd$1@news.povray.org>
On 4/13/2024 2:55 PM, Cousin Ricky wrote:
> "RATH, CHRISTOPHER A" <car### [at] comcastnet> wrote:
>> This is a work-in-progress inspired by a photo I took of my grandson
>> chasing soap bubbles in his yard.  As usual, it was supposed to be a
>> brief doodle, but has morphed beyond that.  I have started adding other
>> things that "float" in various ways to model in the scene as well.
> Are those floating objects intended to be bubbles?  They look like solid water
> droplets.  Hollow bubbles do not invert the scene behind them.
> The cracks in the pink granite blocks are conspicuously regular, but I'm sure
> you already have plans for those.
Yes, the are supposed to be bubbles.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong 
yet, but I have noticed that effect.  They are isosurface shells with 
very thin walls.  The material has an ior of 1.33, which is wrong and is 
probably causing the issue.  I guess a soap bubble has an ior pretty 
close to 1, so I'll have to play with that.  I think when I was trying 
to get the irrid right I pushed the ior back up, but got that side-effect.

The balloon isn't quite right either.  It's too glossy so it looks more 
like glass.

I think the cracks need to line up with the cracks in the foundation as 
well.  More things to play with.
-- Chris R

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