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  Re: Interior Brick Scene WIP  
Date: 11 Apr 2024 15:01:25
Message: <66183385@news.povray.org>
On 2/28/2024 3:44 PM, Chris R wrote:
> "Chris R" <car### [at] comcastnet> wrote:
>> This is a WIP that I'm calling "Reservations...".
>> Only moderate anti-aliasing and no radiosity or photons enabled yet; still an 11
>> hour render, which isn't bad given there are a lot of light sources in the
>> scene.
>> The napkins need a lot of work yet; they look like pipe insulation rather than
>> cloth right now.  A few more scene elements are yet to be added and the
>> silverware models need to be cleaned up.
>> -- Chris R
> Here's an update on progress on the scene with a low-res (640x480) rendering.
> I changed the viewpoint to be closer to the main table.  I'm hoping it will make
> the ring in the glass more visible, especially at higher resolutions.  I may do
> other renderings zoomed out a bit to show the other tables too, but this is the
> main one.
> The framed posters on the wall break up the solid bricks.  I will probably add a
> bar to hang them from.  Right now they assume direct attachment to the bricks.
> There are more elements to the table and I updated the napkins quite a bit.  I
> also took suggestions about the silverware into account and remodeled them.  The
> champagne flutes are slightly wider, after measuring my own glasses more
> accurately.
> Still to do:
> - The rail for hanging the posters on the wall
> - Update to the brick size; they are currently US Closure Modular size, which
> accounts for their chunkiness.  I am going to try just US modular instead.
> - Water glasses for the table and put the glasses in the proper place
> - Possibly change the narrative and put a "Dear John" note on the plate that the
> waiter would have delivered from the cowardly partner.
> - Spilled champagne needs bubbles and some surface texture work.  I had removed
> reflection from the champagne inside the glass as it was problematic and didn't
> help the image, but it needs to be there on the table.
> - Menus?
> - Photons
> - Radiosity
> Anything else?
> -- Chris R
I took a bunch of the suggestions about how to get radiosity to ever 
finish in a scene like this:
	- The walls have no_radiosity, but there is a no_image box with the 
same texture for each of them.
	- The ceiling lights are emitting with radiosity importance 1, and I 
played around with them a lot.

I then rendered it on my favorite 64-core server and after about 4 days 
it came up with the attached image.  The walls aren't showing much in 
terms of artifacts, but the posters sure are, and the ceiling lights are 
leaving spots on the floor.

I'm off on another project at the moment.  The only thing I really liked 
better about the radiosity version over the original is that the light 
coloring is better, but I probably could have done that by playing with 
the light source colors as well.

-- Chris R

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