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  Re: Interior Brick Scene WIP  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 27 Feb 2024 02:31:09
Message: <65dd8fbd$1@news.povray.org>
Op 26/02/2024 om 16:59 schreef Chris R:
> Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
>> Op 25/02/2024 om 05:32 schreef Chris R:
>>> This is a WIP that I'm calling "Reservations...".
>> Somebody got away in a hurry.... :-)
> If you look really closely at the standing glass, there is a ring in it.  The
> intention of the scene is that the guest showed up, saw the ring and walked
> away.  The host finished their champagne and left in disgust.  Probably should
> have taken the ring back, but who's thinking clearly at that point?  :-)
Even knowing now there is a ring in that glass, I have real trouble to 
see it. Too many reflections/refractions?

>> I am not sure about the brick walls in such a setting. I am afraid it
>> might generate claustrophobia, and for interiors I prefer light walls.
> I've noticed many of the newer restaurants I have gone to lately are more
> dark-themed.  The kitchier ones have plaster that lets the brick show through in
> various places, but I wanted to focus on the actual bricks in this scene.  They
> also tend to have very high ceilings which help with claustrophobia.  Mine are
> 15 feet, but you can't see that in this view.
15 feet? Ok.

>> I agree about the forks, and I would add the glasses: How do you drink
>> from such narrow openings?
> The silverware is definitely a work in progress.  All of the handles (except the
> knife) use the same model, just with different lengths.  They were rough
> approximations of something I found on a restaurant supply website, but I admit
> they could be made heftier.
> The glasses are champagne flutes, which are typically very narrow; if you sniff
> champagne you just get bubbles up your nose.  However, I will verify that I
> didn't confuse diameter and radius in my dimensions...
These look a bit /too/ narrow to me, but I have not drunk champagne for 
more than a lifetime I am afraid ;-)

>> The napkin holders strongly remind me of the one I owned when I was
>> young; It was silver, though. Otherwise, almost identical.
> I may add some sort of textured embossing on the napkin rings too.
>> Well done indeed. I am curious to see follow-up versions of the scene.
> I will get at it fixing the modeling.  No one commented on the dripping
> condensation on the ice bucket, which is my favorite part, so I need to remove
> the distractions...
Hmm... again, I am not really /aware/ of the dripping condensation...

>> --
>> Thomas
> -- Chris R


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