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13 Jun 2024 19:15:07 EDT (-0400)
  Re: Interior Brick Scene WIP  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 27 Feb 2024 02:21:22
Message: <65dd8d72$1@news.povray.org>
Op 26/02/2024 om 15:32 schreef Alain Martel:
> Le 2024-02-26 à 02:18, Thomas de Groot a écrit :
>> Op 25/02/2024 om 05:32 schreef Chris R:
>>> This is a WIP that I'm calling "Reservations...".
>> Somebody got away in a hurry.... :-)
>> I am not sure about the brick walls in such a setting. I am afraid it 
>> might generate claustrophobia, and for interiors I prefer light walls.
> I went in a few places with exposed brick walls. Even worked in a 
> restaurant that had all brick walls like here. Those don't generate 
> claustrophobia unless you are already claustrophobic, and then, only in 
> the smaller rooms.
I don't know. In the sixties/seventies, it was a fashion to have one 
wall in your living room showing the crude bricks, like here, instead of 
wall paper or paint. It had a nice effect indeed, but mostly because of 
the contrast with the other walls. An all-brick living room was never 
considered and would - imho - be terribly distracting if not depressing. 
And it would make the living room dark and 'cold'.

[Note: I am neither claustrophobic nor depressed ;-) ]


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