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  Re: A combined cell pattern  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 19 Jan 2024 06:23:06
Message: <65aa5b9a$1@news.povray.org>
On 1/18/24 07:48, And wrote:
> My question is: Does POV-Ray have another version of voronoi pattern to use? I
> said "Worley noise"
> As a function?

First, thanks for the break down of how what you've done works.

On the Worley noise... The answer given has been that it can be 
duplicated with some set up of our crackle pattern, but I confess I've 
never looked closely enough to know if this is exactly so. Let me see if 
I can turn up references... Yes.

Ingo mentions the worley capability in the first post of this thread 
(and I'd guess from the whole thread blob based potential pattern of 
v3.8 might be able to emulate it too):


Another thread from 2017:


Having glanced at those threads wondering if yuqk's updated ripples and 
waves patterns might be a partial path too.


But again, I've never really looked at what others are calling Worley 
noise. Often with things like this there is sort of a base concept with 
lots of tuning / customization capability piled on top. What one person 
'calls' Worley noise might not be quite what someone else 'calls' Worley 

Aside: The craters discussion happening now in another thread reminded 
me that a long time ago I created an craters image based on crackle 
where I might have, more or less, stumbled upon a near 'worley' set up. 
Unfortunately, searches just now failed to turn up the work. Piles and 
piles of of half backed projects from days gone by... :-)

Ah, I'd guess this link might help too when looking at crackle's form 


especially maybe the javascript link on that page.

Bill P.

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