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  Re: Nest with cracked egg  
From: Paolo Gibellini
Date: 20 Nov 2023 14:56:55
Message: <655bba07$1@news.povray.org>
Il 16/11/2023 12:45, Mike Miller ha scritto:
> Nest with broken egg. Lowered and rotated the camera view to add a broken egg.
> Tweaked HDRI to blend better with the background hills. I did drop the HDR to 16
> bit. Bumped up the grass billboards coverage to 60k +. Still renders at a
> reasonable clip.
> Miller
> HDRI: https://polyhaven.com/a/kiara_2_sunrise
> image maps:  https://polyhaven.com/textures
> great sites - royalty free

The scene is great, and I like a lot the cracked egg. Perhaps is the 
eggshell a bit tin for such a creature?


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