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  Re: Rust  
From: Paolo Gibellini
Date: 27 Oct 2023 03:39:10
Message: <653b691e$1@news.povray.org>
Il 26/10/2023 20:05, Chris R ha scritto:
> I decided to start a project with more of a story line, and was thinking back on
> Stanislaw Lem's book "Cyberiad" as inspiration.  I melded that with the
> sculpture, "The Thinker", and cogito ergo sum, and came up with this scene.
> My robot, "Cogito", has been imprisoned on a planet in Lem's world and has been
> contemplating his errors for so long that he has rusted in place and doesn't
> even notice that the door is standing open.
> -- Chris R

Poor Cogito... the scene is very interesting, perhaps you can work on 
the walls (in order to give more evidence to the rusted metal, the walls 
could be darker, perhaps).


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