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22 Sep 2023 04:00:16 EDT (-0400)
  Re: MistLand  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 1 Sep 2023 04:20:53
Message: <64f19ee5$1@news.povray.org>
Op 1-9-2023 om 01:23 schreef Samuel B.:
> Thanks Thomas. It's inspired by this image somebody posted once using Midjourney
> ai:
> I want to recreate the overall feeling of the thick atmosphere, fuzzy plants
> and, if possible, a similar futuristic structure.
You certainly achieved to recreate the mood.

> Well, as far as sculpting goes, Blender is one option. It's free, but the
> learning curve is steep. There's also ZBrush (paid), Sculptris (paid? free? I
> think I still have an installer for an old free version I could share), Nomad
> for Android (paid), and... I don't know what else.
I must have an ancient Sculptris installer somewhere under the dust of 
my archives. I shall have a look. Blender is still (and since many many 
years) on my ToDo list :-/  Silo, which I have, may do something 
interesting but it is not specialised in that direction. However, I 
should have a more thorough look when I get the time.

> As far as programs specializing in landscapes, you already know about World
> Machine. There's also Gaea, which seems very interesting. And Terragen, of
> course. And also Gaia, which doesn't seem to do geology as well as Gaea but is
> more of an all-in-one program letting you place plants and structures, I think.
> Overall, Gaea seems the best choice at the moment, but I haven't made an
> extensive search.
> Gaea: https://quadspinner.com/
I find Terragen a bit disappointing (at least, the ancient version I 
possess); I shall have look at Gaea.


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