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  Re: Bronze Age sword - take 1  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 15 Jul 2023 02:21:45
Message: <64b23af9$1@news.povray.org>
Op 14/07/2023 om 19:42 schreef Bald Eagle:
> Ooooooh.  Thomas made a naughty.   :O
Yeaahh.... What did you expect?  ;-)

> I'd say that since we're 30+ years in, maybe we ought to have a macro of some
> sort with plenty of explanatory documentation IN the macro code.
That would be a very good idea indeed. I have been wandering around for 
some time with the same and slowly started to add comprehensive (?) 
comments to those macros or includes I use most often as I generally 
forget what or why to do in particular cases from one project to the 
other. Re-inventing the wheel each time as it were...

Your example looks very neat. I shall study it some more and take 
inspiration from it.

> [snip]
> This, as just a simple prototype.
> Something better that takes all the information (filter, transmit, multipliers)
> would be nice, and would have sanity checks for out of range values, negative
> values, etc.
> Maybe I need to go back to the scenes where I was working out the srgb math and
> use that to make a documentation infographic, and possibly an animation.
> It would be way better to have a nice, fully presented thing in the distribution
> that lays out all of the whys and hows, than to have to rehash this topic ever
> few years.
Not that I mind to re-ignite the discussion every few years as I seem to 
do ;-) but I fully agree with you on this.

> Than people can visually and mathematically see what the byte triplet values
> are, the in-range nonlinear srgb values are, the in-range linear rgb values, and
> how they all relate to one another.   Just do a simple animation from <0, 0, 0>
> to <255, 255, 255>, and I think that might very well cover it.
> Some examples that simultaneously show the incorrect way to convert from srgb to
> rgb would likely be helpful as well.
> - BW


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