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30 May 2023 01:41:58 EDT (-0400)
  Re: Playing with the mesh camera  
From: Josh English
Date: 19 May 2023 23:28:36
Message: <64683e64@news.povray.org>
On 5/19/2023 3:14 PM, Kenneth wrote:
> Thanks. It's a lot of fun to play around with. I also*think*  that the blur
> effect is distance-based-- that is, objects nearer the mesh camera are blurred
> more than distant objects. I haven't tried a different scene to confirm that,
> although it seems to follow from the fact that the camera's 40 meshes are
> essentially just translated sideways a little bit. Like having 40 'eyes', but
> spread out over a small 'interocular distance' in total. So distant objects
> should have much less blur, just as they would have much less 3-D depth in a
> human stereo view.

It depends on where you center the transformation. If you rotate the 
meshes around the look_at point you get focal blur.

I suspect based on my Towers scene moving the meshes based on the camera 
location you get less blurring in the distance. It makes sense because 
the angles created by two triangles in a mesh to a distance object is 
much smaller than the angle on a closer object.


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