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  Re: Playing with the mesh camera  
From: Josh English
Date: 19 May 2023 16:03:56
Message: <6467d62c$1@news.povray.org>
On 5/19/2023 8:43 AM, Kenneth wrote:

> The more I play with the meshcam demo scenes, the more fascinating it all gets!
> I'm still working on the stereo red/cyan anaglyph idea (and its problems, ha),
> but meanwhile, here are some of my own motion-blur experiments. I used the
> 'meshcam_persp_demo' file, with aa_samples=40.
> In that code-- in the mesh-camera's #while loop-- I simply changed
>              #declare c_look_at_tmp=...
>   to
>              #declare c_look_at_tmp=c_look_at;
>   then following that:
>              mesh{camera_mesh
>              translate .008*i_samples*x // (or any x,y,z combination!)
>              // and/or...
>              rotate .8*i_samples*z
>              meshcam_placement(c_location,c_look_at_tmp)
>                  }
> This works because the camera mesh, as first constructed in
> 'meshcam_macros.inc', is apparently made facing +z and is centered on the origin
> (well, it's a bit more complicated than that.) So any translations or rotations
> here come *before* the mesh(es) are re-positioned and re-oriented by the
> 'meshcam_placement(...)' macro. Simple! But it took me quite awhile to
> understand how the mesh camera and its mesh work together, in the various
> includes.
> BTW, only one triangle mesh is actually constructed; all of the others used in
> the meshcam camera are just copies.
> ---------------
> I'll follow up with some more notes and images of my stereogram tests and
> instantiated meshes...

The placement macro JVP has is pretty good, but it fails to adjust for a 
sky vector. I've spent a couple of weeks getting that to work.

These look really good. I'm amazed at how fast it processes multiple 
rays for each pixel. At least, it seems to me to be pretty fast.


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