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  Re: WIP - Desert Towers  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 7 Mar 2023 02:37:58
Message: <6406e9d6$1@news.povray.org>
Op 06/03/2023 om 02:16 schreef Josh English:
> Instead of writing a short story set here, I tried modeling the setting.
> The towers are made up of bicubic patches (too many to count).
> The ground and mountains are the included "mount2.png" image.
> The clouds are Friedrich Lohmueller's stacked clouds.
> I'm not quite happy with the mountain textures, or the tower textures, 
> to be honest.

Nice start Josh. I certainly like your towers; bicubic patches? That's a 
while I last saw them used, or used them myself! ;-)

I think that you can indeed improve on the textures. Some suggestions:

Mountains: Rock layers are naturally less random than in this scene. Use 
a slope-elevation pattern to control the distribution of the textures 
(or pigments) representing the different rock layer types. You can use 
it for instance as a pigment_pattern to your textures and make those as 
diverse and complicated as you want. I did that on my "Journey..." scene 
where it got a bit out of hand to tell the truth.

Towers: I think this cries for a layered texture with the bottom one 
representing the construction stones and the upper one(s) some kind of 
weathered plaster. I would suggest to make the cement seams visible 
principally by an appropriate and strong normal and less so by the 
pigment. The sunlight will make them nicely visible. In any case, 
uv_mapping the wall textures seems essential to me in this context. 
Secondly, provide some thickness to the walls where those are breached 
by doors and windows. Maybe show something of the interior through them?


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