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  Journey to an Unknown Region - revisited  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 7 Feb 2023 04:11:11
Message: <63e215af@news.povray.org>
Last December, looking for something else, I cam across my scene from 2009:


At the time, Christian Froeshlin suggested towards the end of that 
thread, to use a sub-heightfield to account for better details on the 
foreground. He kindly provided code to achieve this. For some reason, I 
never got around to get acquainted with the code and the project was put 
on hold.

So, I started experimenting and I finally came up with two macros, one 
for "pure" functions, and one for height_field map-based functions 
(which need to be slightly cropped around the edges).

I applied this last macro to my scene, excluded the scattering of rocks 
(I was not happy with those anyway), and took the opportunity to improve 
several awkward coding aspects of the scene, in particular the textures. 
The final result is this.

If somebody is interested, I can provide the macros of course.

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