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  Borked diacritical marks  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 22 Jan 2023 11:57:54
Message: <63cd6b12$1@news.povray.org>
After looking at tx2378's problem ("bad display of utf8 code u00ed
letter i-accute in times new roman" in p.programming) and becoming
increasingly confused by what POV-Ray is doing, I rendered a suite of
Latin-1 accented characters with various fonts.  The results are
bafflingly inconsistent:

Times New Roman, Arial, Liberation Serif
  Lowercase 'i' diacritical marks are shifted right and clipped.
  The ring above capital 'A' is incomplete at the bottom; the ring is
  complete when rendered by a word processor, so the gap is not part of
  the font definitions.
  All diacritical marks are aligned with their letter, but upper and
  lowercase 'I's with diacriticals are kerned badly.
  Lowercase 'i' acute is rendered properly; the other lowercase 'i'
  diacritical marks are shifted right and clipped.
  For all lowercase 'a's except 'a' acute, lowercase 'e' grave, and all
  uppercase 'I's, the diacritical marks are shifted right and clipped.
Abhaya Libre (thanks, Bill!), DejaVu Serif
  All the diacritical marks are aligned properly.

Keep staring at the attachment; I may have missed some anomalies.  It's
all so capricious.

Note that my Liberation font may not be the latest version; there was a
licensing dispute a few years ago, resulting in updated fonts not being
bundled with GNU/Linux distros.  I also have not updated my Arial,
Georgia, and Times New Roman since Microsoft withdrew the free
downloads.  They are certainly up-to-date on my Windows partition, but
between UEFI and Win11 encryption, accessing that partition is a PITA
that I have not been moved to subject myself to in quite a while.

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