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  Re: Using "transmit all" with an image map  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 28 Dec 2022 10:47:47
Message: <63ac6523$1@news.povray.org>
Le 2022-12-28 à 03:49, Dave Blandston a écrit :
> Howdy folks,
> I'm sure there's a very good reason that "transmit all" works the way that it
> does with .png transparency, but it seems like it would be a lot more useful if
> the file transparency would just carry over to the image map. Is there some
> magical way to do that?
> Here's a short demo file. (The image "ABBA.png" has an opaque round center and a
> fully transparent border. Any .png file with transparency will do.)
> Have a great day everyone!
First, in this case, you don't need to use transmit all.
transmit all intent is to give transparency to an image that have NO 
alpha channel. It makes a picture with NO transparency transparent.

Try the same, but without transmit all.

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