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  Re: External Voronoi... now with grid-based points  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 18 Dec 2022 02:25:01
Message: <639ec04d@news.povray.org>
Op 17/12/2022 om 20:41 schreef Bill Pragnell:
> Sorry for the endless image spam people.
> I got the grid-based version working, once I'd fixed a couple of really subtle
> bugs in my geometry classes. I thought maybe I could get away with a 9x9x9 local
> grid, but it turns out not. However, it still knocks spots off the old version -
> calculates over 50 cells per second on my ageing laptop.
> This image is based on a 20x20x20 master grid (8000 cells in total). I'm writing
> out two .inc files, one for the points (about 200K for this example) and one for
> the meshes (13.8MB). Quite reasonable I think. The meshes are fully minimized
> mesh2 objects, but I'm probably using too many decimal places so that file size
> could come down a bit. The rendering only took a couple of minutes.
> Bill

I am deeply impressed indeed. Well done, Bill! I can imagine one of your 
iconic scenes using this set up.

One little point of attention, if you forgive me to "criticise"; the 
'cracks' appear to have about the same width everywhere and somehow that 
rattles a bit. Would it be possible to vary those a tiny little bit 
randomly through the object?


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