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  Re: Spherical Glass Sculpture  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 10 Dec 2022 02:34:20
Message: <6394367c$1@news.povray.org>
Op 10/12/2022 om 01:56 schreef Robert McGregor:
> Hi all, Happy Holidays!
> I had two days of unexpected downtime earlier this week and made the "mistake"
> of firing up POV-Ray for the first time in almost a year! As always, one thing
> led to another and down the rabbit hole I went...
> I wanted to make a photorealistic CG scene that merged seamlessly (more or less)
> with an HDR environment. This is something that I've done before, but I wanted
> to try and get a more photorealistic end result than my previous images have
> achieved.

Hi Robert!
This is a most excellent work (again). I guess that you have pretty well 
achieved your primary goal: merging the HDR environment with the CG 
scene. Knowing what you have done and scrutinising the final render, it 
is very hard to see where both blend together. An unprepared watcher 
would be unaware of the blend. Very well done.

I love the shards sculpture. How would it look backlighted? or at night 
with some (discrete) illumination inside?

The rock is spot on. It stresses the need to use high-resolution image 
maps for this kind of work indeed.

And I acknowledge your detailed and careful explanation of the scene 

Welcome back btw. You should do more of this stuff. :-)

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