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  Re: The Shallows II (2/3)  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 22 Nov 2022 08:34:28
Message: <637ccfe4$1@news.povray.org>
Op 22-11-2022 om 13:03 schreef Mr:
> =?UTF-8?Q?J=c3=b6rg_=22Yadgar=22_Bleimann?= <yaz### [at] gmxde> wrote:
>> Hi(gh)!
>> On 21.11.22 16:53, Thomas de Groot wrote:
>>> The concrete aggregate is not only a texture, but this texture was also
>>> processed and used as basis for displacement mapping in Poseray.
>> I. e. not just an normal map? Wow!
>> See you in Khyberspace!
>> Yadgar
> Indeed this material really stands out !
> Do you think such a result could be achieved using HG POV displacement or
> isosurface displacement macros? If yes an include like you did for Granite would
> really be worth it, and if not, maybe a tutorial ?

Thank you!
Note that displacement mapping is done using .obj or mesh2 files as 
input in Poseray. I really have no idea if HG POV can do this. However, 
I guess that isosurfaces could do the job but probably would be much 
slower (in render time) than the way through Poseray which generates a 
"heavy" output .geom file but renders almost as fast as a non-displaced 

I gave some sort of tutorial last year:



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