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  Re: The Shallows - Instalment 1/3  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 9 Sep 2022 02:28:07
Message: <631adcf7$1@news.povray.org>
Op 08/09/2022 om 20:45 schreef Chris R:
> Very cool!  I can appreciate long render times.  I am working on a scene with a
> rocky/sandy island with a fortress in the middle of a body of water.  My first
> attempt to render at high quality with radiosity took 96 hours!
> I am looking forward to seeing the other parts.

Thanks indeed Chris!

During scene building I used a dim fog instead of the atmospheric media 
and render times were in the order of a couple of hours. I took care not 
to have the media containers overlap in order to avoid any 
cross-interference, however I could not avoid the overlapping of the 
atmospheric media with the tree media (10000 of those) and I /think/ 
that most of the slowdown was thus generated.


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