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  First play with Blender physics  
From: MichaelJF
Date: 12 Aug 2022 13:16:07
Message: <62f68ad7@news.povray.org>
Since I never managed to get Kopi's bullet physics running I noticed 
that all this physics and a lot more are implemented into Blender 
nowadays. So I simulated a fountain with the Mantaflow compontent. The 
result is suboptimal, but I like it anyway. I played a lot with all the 
parameters, but that is the best I could squeeze out of Blender. I think 
the Mantaflow component of Blender is not really designed for this kind 
of simulation. As I understand it, it is designed for cohesive flows of 
water and can be very realistic in such situations. There is another 
approach of particle system implemented in Blender where the drops are 
independend objects and can influence each other. May be I will play 
with this one too sometimes in the future.

Here is my Mantaflow experiment, placed into an inspiration given by an 
abbey I visited recently.

Best regards

P.S.: Credits go to Thomas de Groot and Genady Obukhov (tileroof), 
Christoph Hormann (Iso-CSG-Library). Sean Day and Robert McGregor (some 
textures I modified), Gilles Tran (grass), and Xfrog, I used to model 
the crude models of a weeping willow, a shrub of roses and an even more 
crude model of clover.

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