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  Re: Glass for v3.8 finish features  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 10 Aug 2022 11:42:41
Message: <62f3d1f1$1@news.povray.org>
Le 2022-08-09 à 10:50, Thomas de Groot a écrit :
> Op 9-8-2022 om 14:53 schreef Thomas de Groot:
>> initially, I wanted to concentrate on the hdr light sources though...
> ...and when I do, no photons are generated!
> I use
>    photons {
>      refraction on
>      reflection on
>    }
> for the sphere with the hdr map, identical to the code for the light 
> source. Decreasing spacing down to a ridiculously small value doesn't 
> change anything. I must be missing something here...

The HDR map never emit photons.
What you can do to get caustics from an HDR map is to use radiosity. As 
the surface receiving the caustics is close to the objects causing it, 
your radiosity settings can still be lenient. You only a small 
error_bound value.

Try this as a starter :

global_settings{ assumed_gamma 1
		error_bound 0.1 // may try smaller
		count 150 1111
		low_error_factor 0.2
		pretrace_end 0.005

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