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  Re: An attempt at a viking ship  
From: mirglindin
Date: 1 Jun 2022 09:15:05
Message: <62976659$1@news.povray.org>
Mr wrote:
> mirglindin <mir### [at] yandexru> wrote:
>> Hello, everyone (first post here, BTW).
>> Wanted to make a wallpaper and here I am.
>> Obviously a bit noobish, but at least I've learned to write macros to
>> generate meshes.
> That's a really great start !
> The day mist sky is indeed more original and less obviously fractal, more subtly
> nuanced, though bringing to it some of the light dynamics of the other picture
> would bring it also more poetry  : the sky could still be as desaturated and
> misty but brighter to bring more contrast and reflection on the water material
> that looks really good.
> Do you want more remarks for improvements...? or rather feel like you want to
> move on to another images instead ? (it's already quite nice but such good
> potential can always expand ;-) )

Thank you, the former is very welcome - though there have been some 
changes, in particular, ahem, I've finally added a light source (it was 
all just sky and radiosity before). Looks a bit unbalanced now, I think 
I'll fix that somewhere closer to Saturday before posting again. =\

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