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27 Sep 2022 20:43:07 EDT (-0400)
  Re: using 'object pattern' as media  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 1 May 2022 10:21:51
Message: <626e977f$1@news.povray.org>
Le 2022-04-29 à 12:32, Kenneth a écrit :
> Here is another example, using a different and more complex set-up of the code--
> with 'solid' high-density emission + absorption medias rather than scattering.
> This one uses the object pattern as a 'pigment' (not a density)-- with some
> 'Bunny artwork' as the main pigment there. Some image-to-functions-to-pigment
> operations were required for its final use in the media, mainly because I used
> the 'once' keyword for the artwork image_map.
> For the art, I found a photo on Google that looked *somewhat* like the pose of
> the Stanford Bunny, then used my paint.net app to clone and shift various parts
> around so that the image covered the model as projected from the front. Even
> though the art is just a 2-D image_map, it projects through the entire media, so
> its colors are 'in depth' throughout the Bunny. Then I added a fake shadow under
> the model :-)
> BTW, the Stanford Bunny mesh2 model is not quite a closed mesh-- it has some
> holes on its bottom surface-- so I simply made an intersection of it with a
> larger and well-placed box object, which solidified those holes. Interestingly,
> this also eliminated the need for the model to have an inside_vector (for the
> media appearance.)
> I made several animations of this example which I will post at
> binaries.animation; they rendered *much* faster than my aborted scattering-media
> version, in about 1/10 the time (but with no lighting interaction of course).
Bottom two images... Poor bunny.

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