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  Quartered wine glass  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 7 Apr 2022 23:33:32
Message: <624fad0c@news.povray.org>
Image wine_glass-surreal.jpg is a trick photo that was posted in the
POV-Ray Facebook groups.  A reverse image search shows that it's been
kicking around the Web since at least 2009, but I cannot identify the
original photographer.

Image wine_glass-quartered.jpg is my attempt to reproduce it with POV-Ray.

After I created this scene, I noticed a wine glass in a restaurant that
was considerably larger than the one[1] wine glass that I own.  I
decided to look up a standard or typical size for wine glasses.

Turns out there are between 18 and 35 types of wine glasses, depending
on whom you ask. To simplify things a bit, there is an ISO standard for
wine tasting glasses (boy, there is an ISO standard for *everything,*
isn't there?), but it is considerably different than the 4 wine glasses
in the last paragraph and the attached images. Who knew wine glasses
would be so complicated!

One thing is clear from the various specs I found: The glass should be
much thinner at the rim than I made it--even though I tried to reproduce
the thickness in the photograph.

[1] It was for an art project.  I'm (mostly) a non-drinker.

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