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  Re: POV-Ray still alive?  
From: William F Pokorny
Date: 28 Feb 2022 04:19:43
Message: <621c93af$1@news.povray.org>
On 2/27/22 04:34, Bruno Cabasson wrote:
> Thanks for the update! I'll have a closer look to your povr fork (on github?).

It is locally under git code control, but thus far, it's been published 
a few times a year here as a small tarball - a code contribution to 
'POV-Ray.' I'm working toward another tarball in March. The povr branch 
is unix/linux/osx only and ever drifting away from POV-Ray proper in 
functionality and behavior.

I mentioned it because the source code contains many hundreds of fixes 
and changes which can be applied to the POV-Ray code base in some 
fashion - including the parser(s). If you do get hung up on a parser 
bug, you might find a fix or work around for it already in the most 
recent tarball of povr code. I also try and publish information about 
common problems and fixes found while playing with povr here on the 
newsgroups or on github.

If you are after mainstream users, I think you should stick with POV-Ray 
proper. Any official resumption in development won't come from me.

Be cognizant too the dictionary feature is new to v3.8, which has not 
been officially released. This means V3.8 is not the version most active 
users run. For example, anyone on a common linux distribution installing 
via a standard POV-Ray package is getting v3.7.

Bill P.

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