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  Re: experiment with image_map  
From: tth
Date: 28 Dec 2021 13:15:51
Message: <61cb5457@news.povray.org>
On 12/28/21 6:39 PM, Kenneth wrote:
> If you want the rendered result to look 'sharper' and more like your image_map,
> you should not use interpolate at all. But, if you like the blurry look of your
> render example, then using interpolate is the proper way to do it.

   OK, shame on me, I've forget the option "say nothing about
   interpolate", and tryed some values for the parameter, and
   expected that "interpolate 0" can do the job.

   Just an useless and toxic callin convention for me.

> Do your 3 render examples use 3 *different* methods of interpolation?

    Code and pic updated.

Thx for your feedback, tTh

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